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Vcloudpoint HDMI Zero Client V1 Virtual Desktop

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HDMI Zero client V1

• Smaller Size

• HDMI & VGA Video Output

• 10/100/1000 Mbps

• Anti-theft Gadget


PC-Like Experience: Smooth desktop operation; 1080p video, HQ audio; Support majority of USB peripherals, such as a printer, scanner, U Disk, keyboard, and mouse, etc.

Education Function: Various educational functions such as Desktop Broadcasting, Instant Messenger, Student Control, Multimedia Support, etc. are rendered. Support NetSupport School CCE, a powerful Classroom Management Software.

Easy to Use: One-click software installation, plug & play zero clients, user-friendly interface with clear guidelines. It is easy for managers and end-users to use.

Wider Support for Conventional Software: Each user has own virtual IP address for network communication, which fixes the compatibility problem with some environments based on IP address. Wider support for office software, instant-messaging software, graphics software and teaching software are provided.

Personal Workspace: Each employee can not only share the host resource but also has his/her workspace invisible to other colleagues. All files & documents and U disk data is only visible to the employee himself, which ensures personal information confidentially.

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