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Canon F-718SA White Scientific Calculator

  • Brand: Canon
  • Product Code: F718SA
  • Availability: In Stock
Textbook display scientific calculator with vivid colors
This dot-matrix display, anti-bacterial Scientific calculator offers students a hygienic and highly accurate calculating capability. Manufactured using recycled Canon material, it’s clean and green.

264 scientific and statistical functions
17 store and recall memories
Dual-way textbook display (mathematic and line mode)


Dual-way Textbook Display
Featuring two types of input and display formats ('Mathematic' & 'Line' mode) for easy scientific operations. With the advanced dot-matrix textbook display, all inputs and calculations are shown in the common hand-writing style. This makes complex operations user-friendlier than before.

Extensive Functions
The F-718S series is your dependable partner whilst attending secondary school with powerful 264 scientific functions and features included. Enhanced functions include statistics calculation, trigonometry calculation, and table function. Other value-added functions include but not limited to Logab calculation, LCD & GCD calculation in which users can get Least Common Multiple or Greatest Common Divisor from a maximum of 3 positive integers. Canon brings you a simple solutions to complex problems.

In pursuance of the commitment to reduce avoidable energy waste, Canon is devoted in manufacturing our green calculators to the highest standards. Parts of our green calculators are made from recycled Canon product materials. We're delighted in ensuring sustainability and preserving the environment.


Display Type: Liquid Crystal Display
Line of Display: Dual-way Display (Line or Maths mode)
Display Screen Size: 86 x 21mm

General Calculation: Yes
Total Functions: 264
Store & Recall Memory: 17
Internal Calculation: Up to 18-digit
Random Number: Yes
Least Common Multiple (LCM): Yes
Greatest Common Divisor (GCD): Yes
Quotient & remainder Calculation (Q...r) : Yes
Absolute Value Calculation (Abs): Yes
Multi-statement Calculation: Yes
Improper, Mix Fractions, Decimal conversion: Yes
Trigonometry, Inverse Trigonometry: Yes
Angles (Degree, Radian, Gradient): Yes
Coordination Conversion (Rectangular <-> Polar): Yes
Low Battery Indication: Yes
Automatic Power Off:  Yes (7mins.)

Power Source: Dual Power (Solar & Battery)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 171 x 86 x 18.75mm (with Cover)
                                           168 x 80 x 14.5mm (without Cover)
Weight: 128g (with Hard Case)
Other Features: 1. Anti-bacteria body casing
                             2. Some parts are manufactured from recycled Canon product material

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