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Admiral NC-1200 Portable Multi-currency Banknote Discriminator

  • Brand: Admiral
  • Product Code: NC-1200
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Banknote Discriminator–With Serial Recording Function

NC-1200 equipped with CIS sensor for serial number recording, by direct print out or outputting data to PC, it is the ideal device for cash flow monitoring. Serial printing function is now available for USD/EUR/RMB.

Due to the improvement of digital printing technology, no equipment on earth guarantees 100% accuracy for discriminating genuine and counterfeit banknotes. There are regulations for some countries to enforce every cash handling place to record and print the serial numbers of banknotes. Recording serial numbers of banknotes is the only way to trace the cash flow to prevent money laundries. However, it is a time consuming job if people have to record the numbers manually.

Besides accurate banknote counting device NC1100, Masterwork Automodules introduces the new model NC1200 for recording the serial number of banknotes. The main purpose to design this product is to provide customers a cost effective device. NC1200´s processing speed is around 250 notes per minute and no orientation feeding limits for US dollars. This model has similar efficiency with the larger equipments like 2 pocket machines but only costs 50% less. Due to its compact size and easy to install, we believe NC1200 is the best solution for serial number printing in the world.


Fast and accurate detection with different modes, for efficient currency processing.

Easy opening bill-path for better maintenance. All sensor from japan and USA, for much stable performance.

Full function backlit large LCD display ergonomic keypad and graphic base user interface for streamlined operation.

Inclined design, notes can be aligned automatically, non-directive detection and auto feeding, resolved inconviniences of traditional discriminators.

Built-in battery*, can process banknote anywhere.

Simplified sockets, connect power, PC, printer* and remote display* in easier way.


Feed Type                             Roller Friction Type
Counting Speed                   Atleast 250 notes per minute
Counting Mode                    Count, Mixed, Sort, Face, Orien
Counterfeilt Detection        Magnetic, Infrared Pattern, and Color
Bill Insert Direction              In all direction, Face or Unfaced
Hopper Capacity                  Approx. 60 circulated notes
                                                Approx. 120 notes with extension hopper*
Stacker Capacity                  Approx. 100 circulated notes.
Currency Type                      All series USD Banknotes (After 1988)
Available Currencies           USD, EURO, GBP, JPY, CNY, etc.
Applicable Currencies         1 to 12
Serial Recording For            USD, Euro.
Max Note Size                      180 x 83 x 0.5 (mm)
Display                                   LCD Display with Backlit
External Ports                       Printer Interface
                                                PC Connection Interface (USB)
                                                Remote Display Interface
Power Requirement            AC 90-240V, 50/60Hz, Or
                                               MA Li-Ion Battery Pack
Power Consumption           Approx. 15W
Ambient Conditions            Temperature 0º ~ 40º C
                                               Humidity 20% ~ 90% RH.
Net Weight                           1250g with Battery Pack
                                               1150g without Battery
Dimensions                          240 x 138 x 67 mm (Folded)
                                               428 x 138 x110 mm (Expanded)
Approvals                             CE, FCC, ROHS and UL AC Adaptor
Options                                Remote Display Unit
                                              Thermal Printer
                                              MA Battery Pack (7.2V 2200mA)

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