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Admiral BNB-8800 Dual Power Banknote Counter

  • Brand: Admiral
  • Product Code: BNB-8800
  • Availability: In Stock


- The large LCD display with 13 control button
- Auto start, stop and clear
- Batching, adding and self-diagnosis functions
- SIZE detection function
- Auto-detection with UV (ultraviolet); MG (magnetic) while counting
- Double-note detection< with IR (infrared rays) detection system>
- Capable of AUTO and MANUAL start feeding
- With adjustable hopper and dust cover
- With external display and all direction dust absorption function
- With chargeable battery
- With low/mid/high 3 counting speed level


Counting Speed                     ≥1,150pcs/min
Display                                     Big LCD or LED Screen
Hopper Capacity                    300pcs.
Stacker Capacity                    200pcs.
Size of Countable Note
(Width/Length)                       50mm x 110mm / 90mm x 190mm
Banknote thickness range    0.075 ─ 0.15mm
Dimension                              310mm x 255mm x 190mm
Size of Packaging                   370mm x 322mm x 223mm
Net Weight                              5.5KGS
Gross Weight                          6.8KGS
Power Supply                         DC 90 ~ 250V , 50 - 60 Hz
Power Consumption             ≤70W

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