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Antbul BLD580 Acetic Silicone Structural Sealant 280ml(Clear)

  • Brand: Antbul
  • Product Code: BLD580
  • Availability: 1
   BLDG580 is one component, acetic, solidification in room temperature, high tensile silicone sealant; excellent weather ability to resist ultraviolet (UV) rays; semitransparent, good adhesion to must building materials. Displacement capacity ±25% and 15 years life span.

 (1)Structural adhesion and seal for the glass doors and windows.
 (2)Structural adhesion and seal for glass installation project and indoor glass decoration.
 (3)Structural and jointing seal for glass curtain wall
 (4)Application of big glass panel, day light dome, technical glass structural. Project.

(1)Rinse the surface where you will stick with acetone or other solvent;
(2)Paste the low viscosity adhesive tape on the place that needs protection; Recondition and remove the adhesive tape before the sealant becomes solidifying;
(3)Product applicability should be confirmed in user's sole judgment. Please do the compatibility test before official use to make      sure that it can stick well with the substrate materials and full the interface, otherwise are not responsible for any complaints of  application. 
(4)Guarantee the degree of saturation in the gap when you working.
(5)It will not sick the finger within 1 hour, 7 mm thickness cured in 7 days and reach the   adhesion strength.
(6)Clean up uncured sealant with cloth or solvent (such as turpentine); remove excessive solidified sealant with sharp knife

(1)Use in well ventilated areas.
(2)In case of eye contact, flush with water and seek medical attention immediately.
(3)Keep out of the reach of children; avoid long time touch with skin.

  Should be stored separately in cool and dry places, temperature below 27 °C.
  12 months shelf life since the date of production.

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