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Selleys Pro-spec Construction Adhesive 300mL

  • Brand: Selleys
  • Product Code: PRO-SPEC
  • Availability: 1

A general purposed construction adhesive which can be applied with or without nails as a wet bond or contact adhesive. Strong and fast, it will adhere uneven surface due to its gap fitting properties.


It can be used as the sole means of bonding (as a contact adhesive) or in conjunction with mechanical fasteners, or where nails or screws are then used to support the weight until full cure is completed (as a wet bond adhesive).



Technical Features

• Fast cure

• Excellent Vertical Application Property

• Flexible in Low Temperature

• Toluene Free, No Irritating Odor

• Minimal nailing

• Economical formula

• Bridges gaps up to 9mm hence can be used on rough   and ill-fitting construction materials

• Dried adhesive is paintable

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