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Selleys All Clear Co-Polymer Sealant 260g

  • Brand: Selleys
  • Product Code: All Clear
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Ideal for: 

• Windows Frame

• Glazing

• Roofs

• Guttering

• Bricks

• Many Plastics

• Cement

• Timber

• Sinks

• Basins

Selleys ALL CLEAR is a clear neutral cure (non-corrosive) co-polymer multipurpose sealant, that provides long lasting protection by forming a clear flexible film on top of a surface that won’t crack or dry out. The solution to water leakage and seepage around the home. SELLEYS ALL CLEAR is a high grade water resistant sealant. 


• Metal

• Timber

• Glass

• Brick

• Stone

• Many Plastics

• Damp non porous surfaces eg metals, glass, glazed tiles

Technical Features

• Glass-like clarity – dries clear to blend with the surface.

• Suitable for old and new surfaces as it cuts through light oil deposits for excellent adhesion and seals effectively even on weathered surfaces.

• Suitable for damp non porous surfaces eg metals, glass,   glazed tiles.

• Paintable with oil and water based paints.

• Multipurpose – can be used on most building materials and won’t crack or dry out.

• Mold resistant to help protect against unsightly mould growth on the sealant.

• Good weatherability and resistance to UV light.

• Excellent gap filling characteristics.

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