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Selleys S301 100% Silicone Acetoxy Cure Sealant

  • Brand: Selleys
  • Product Code: S301
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Ideal for: 

• Aquariums*

• Windows Frame

• Gasket-refrigerations

• Ovens

• Dryers

100% acetony glass glue joints sealed, waterproof and elastic excellent adhesion, suitable for manufacturing plastic assembly aluminum door with glass doors, glass aquarium.

Technical Features

• Clean and dry surface to be glued from greasy dirt

• Cut the bottle head slanted 45 degrees, Faucet early   bottle, put the bottle into the glue gun

• Keep the gun tilted 45 degrees and shoot seamless glue   joints

• No adhesive with beton, cement, or metal containing   copper

• Store at temperatures below 30 degrees

• Bottles first cut to take off

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