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Selleys No More Cracks Basecoat

  • Brand: Selleys
  • Product Code: No more cracks
  • Availability: 10

Selleys No More Cracks is a high performance, elastomeric coating, providing maximum resistance designed to fill and bridge substrate cracks in cement render or plastering and maximum film integrity and protective qualities under the most demanding substrate and atmospheric conditions.

Size Available: 1L and 4.5L White in Colour

Coverage: 2sqm/L @ 400 microns DFT


• Water-based compound.

• Form a membrane barrier against water penetration of the treated surface.

• Resist dirt pick-up, acid rain, and other pollutants.

• Bridges hairline cracks up to 2.50mm.

• For Interior and Exterior Application.


• Easy application, Environmentally Safe and easy clean-   up.

• Provides long-term exterior durability.

• Prevents the appearance of hairline cracking of cement for both old and new renders.

• Excellent water resistance and protection on masonry surfaces.

• Versatile area of application. 

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