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Centor 94DPF/9DPF Bifold Pack Set of 2

  • Brand: Centor
  • Product Code: 94DPF/9DPF
  • Availability: 10

Centor A9T carriers come standard with stainless s Folding Doors. A choice of bearings in stainless or plated steel is available to suit the particular application. A choice of mill finish extruded aluminium track or sturdy galvanised steel ensures long life and corrosion resistance. Custom anodised and powdercoated finishes are available for tracking.


Fully enclosed box-section track design ensures that carrier wheels cannot disengage. A selection of floor and wall-fixed guides suit grooved or non-grooved door panels while spring loaded guides running in a floor channel are an option for uneven floors. Panel height can be adjusted by tightening or loosening a single bolt. 

• Component Pack for 2 Folding Doors

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