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Castle PME - 899 (Concrete Sealer) Waterproofing

  • Brand: Castle
  • Product Code: PME-899
  • Availability: 10

CASTLE PME-899 clogs micropores of concrete surfaces. Has strong cementing power to concrete with high-solid content. It saves you time. PME-899 is non-toxic and non-flammable. Can be used to all concrete surfaces


• Designed to solve problems of porosity on all concrete/stone.

• Excellent base coat clogs all micro pores.

• Excellent adhesion to Acrylic Paint (topcoat).

• Bonds with concrete surface penetrates up to

  4mm-5mm depth with water repellant properties.

• As Mortar Intensifier, guaranteed to stop water even

  under pressure, for interior, exterior, above and below 

  grade concrete surfaces 

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