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Rinse Tech RT500-5171 Hand Spray Bidet Titan White

  • Brand: Rinsetech
  • Product Code: RT500-5171WH
  • Availability: 10

Quality Rinsing Spray for Modern Bathroom

• Drip-Free, Special Anti-Leak System

• Smooth Water Flow Control

• Wall Hanger Included

• Trouble-Free Design and Installation

• Tangle-Free Hose with 360° Turning Spray Head

• Color: White

Installation Guide

Install the Bracket:

NOTE: The bracket should be placed at height of 60-70 cm. from the floor.

• Position the bracket at a convenient height within east reach, then marked its center on the finished wall.

• Drill holes at the marked position.

• For the concrete wall, insert anchors into the finished wall for proper tighten.

• Screw the brackets through the anchors against the finished wall.

Install the spray hose:

• Flow water through the outlet pipe to clean out dirt and debris

• Turn off the water supply

• Attach the Spray Hose to the hose. Ensure that rubber washer is placed inside before tightening.

• Connect spray hose to the shut-off valve.

• Turn on the water supply to test the spray. 

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