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Selleys Craft Glue Household Adhesive

  • Brand: Selleys
  • Product Code: Craft Glue
  • Availability: 10

Selleys Craft Glue is a water-based PVA adhesive specially formulated for quick adhesion for craft work. The product is an off-white paste which is clear when dry.


• Fabrics

• Felt

• Cardboard

• Leather

• Suede

• Wood

• Paper

• Most plastic films (other than polyethylene and   polypropylene)

• Sequins

Technical Features

• Easy to use – no mixing ready to use straight from the   pack and only need to apply to one surface

• Fast Drying – initial bond can usually be achieved in a   few seconds

• Dries clear

• Spills don’t stain and it’s easy to clean up with a wet rag

• Non-toxic – low odor and environmentally friendly

• Contains no flammable solvents

• Solvent-free – no fumes and non-flammable

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