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Selleys Basecoat Acrylic Wall Sealer 6.5L

  • Brand: Selleys
  • Product Code: Acrylic Wall Sealer
  • Availability: 10

Selleys Acrylic Wall Sealer provides a suitable foundation upon which topcoats can be applied. Formulated with 100% acrylic polymer and ensures maximum adhesion and performance of subsequent topcoats.

Size Available: 6.5L and 18L White in Colour

Coverage: 10sqm/L @30 microns DFT


• Water Based with 100% Acrylic Resins and Titanium   Dioxide Pigment Solution.

• Seals, Unifies and Conditions Masonry Surfaces.

• Superior resistance to weather, heat, solvent, water, and abrasion.


• Easy application, Environmentally Safe and easy clean-   up.

• Forms better foundation for uniform and maximum adhesion of Topcoat Paints.

• Provides maximum performance and protection to masonry surface contaminants. 

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