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Selleys B115 Basecoat No More Fungus 5L

  • Brand: Selleys
  • Product Code: B115
  • Availability: 10

Selleys No More Fungus B115 is a concentrated, deep penetrating, miscible, cleaning solution formulated for effective pre-treatment and treatment of surface organic growth on concrete, bricks, mosaic tiles, roof tiles, paving, pools and masonry substrate is required prior to painting.

Size Available: 1L and 5L White in Colour

Coverage: 5sqm/L


• Water-based solution.

• Powerful Blend of surface treating agent.

• Kills mold spores, fungus and algae growth on a masonry surface.

• Fast Dry-time.


• Easy application, Environmentally Safe and easy clean-   up.

• The deep penetrating liquid solution that dissolved and releases surface contaminants.

• Prevents re-growth of micro-organism on the treated surface.

• Surface Treatment time will only take two(2)hours. 

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