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Selleys Blockade Co-Polymer Sealant 360g

  • Brand: Selleys
  • Product Code: Blockade
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Ideal for: 

• Roof

• Gutters

• Masonry

Selleys Blockade is a neutral cure multi-purpose solvent borne copolymer rubber based sealant offering good all round performance. 


• Sealant for use on metals, most plastics, painted and   unpainted wood, masonry

• Wet, non-porous surfaces

• Metals with an oily surface film typical on new metals;   e.g. Zincalume® and galvanised iron.

• Sealing or repairing roofs, awnings, skylights, ceramic   tiles, gutters and downpipes, around window frames,   plumbing entrances, vinyl or aluminium siding and roof   flashings

• Sealing leaks in recreation vehicles, and waterproof   bedding for glazing.

Technical Features

• High performance copolymer rubber based for indoor   and outdoor applications

• Universal sealant – adheres to most substrates

• Neutral cure – will not attack metal or concrete type   substrates

• Adheres to many wet substrates, especially if pre-wiped   with acetone

• Good working characteristics, easy to apply and tool

• Offers good weatherability and resistance to U.V. light

• Good slump resistance

• Good paintability – can be over painted immediately   with oil based and water based paints. For best results it   is recommended to first undercoat with a premium   water based undercoat.

• Easy clean up with mineral turps

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