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• Ready-to-use• Japan Quality & Technology• Guaranteed 100% Waterproof• 460% Elongation• Strong ..

• Clogs Micropores of CONCRETE SURFACES• Strong Cementing Power to concrete.• High Solid Content. Sa..

CASTLE PME-899 clogs micropores of concrete surfaces. Has strong cementing power to concrete with hi..

Selleys No More Stains B100 is a water-based surface preparation product for covering and blocking o..

Selleys Acrylic Wall Sealer provides a suitable foundation upon which topcoats can be applied. Formu..

Selleys Advance Wall Sealer B215 is a low VOC, high alkaline resistance, 100% acrylic water-based pr..

Selleys No More Fungus B115 is a concentrated, deep penetrating, miscible, cleaning solution formula..

Selleys No More Stains B105 is a fast drying oil-based preparation product for covering and blocking..

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Selleys Bristle Paint Brushes Help You To Finish Your Painting Job Faster And Easier! It Best For Oi..

Selleys No More Cracks is a high performance, elastomeric coating, providing maximum resistance desi..

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Feature:• Stainless Steel Blade• Full-Length Handle For Comfort & Control• Tapered Edge..

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